Philosophy of Special Education

     I will actively seek to foster an inclusive classroom and provide to the maximum extent possible an opportunity to educate students with disabilities, different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and gifted students to their fullest potential.  I will use collaborative consultation to ensure that my teaching methods, modifications, content enhancements and cooperative teaching activities, contribute to each individual’s academic success.  I will make use of technological aids to supplement textbooks, and create appropriate learning experiences for my students.

I will strive to achieve a motivated classroom by establishing a supportive environment consisting of one to one, small group, and large group settings which will offer each student an appropriate level of challenge and meaningful learning experiences by using optimally engaging lesson plans to increase individual involvement in the learning activity and allow students to process new information in a way that relates to their own base of knowledge.   I will strive to be an effective communicator, collaborate with special educators, give clear directions and listen closely to my students, peers and parents, and provide opportunities for parental input and utilize school administration feedback.   I will use technology driven instructional methods and aids to strengthen and compensate for deficits in perception, comprehension, memory, and retrieval.  I will use cognitive processing tools such as graphic organizers for guiding individuals in identifying and organizing critical content. 

            My philosophy of special education is that through an inclusive classroom, by using collaborative consultation and available technologies I can contribute to an environment where all children are able to face their limitations and develop their assets to the fullest.