Philosophy of Education

     As a social studies teacher, I would develop a framework for 21st century learning that would go beyond the fundamental understanding of history, government, geography and economics to include global awareness, and financial, economic and civic literacy, because the understanding of today’s issues- such as healthcare, immigration, crime and foreign policy require educated citizens.

     I will create planned instruction that would teach, challenge, and support every student to realize his or her maximum potential, and to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to analyze cultural, economic, geographic, political and social relations as required by the Pennsylvania Social Studies Academic Standards.

     I will strive to achieve a motivated classroom by establishing a supportive environment, offering each student an appropriate level of challenge and meaningful learning objectives by using optimally engaging study, reading, and writing strategies.

     I will make use of new technology; such as the internet, multimedia, and other forms of instruction to supplement textbooks and create appropriate learning experiences for my students.

     I will strive to be an effective communicator, give clear directions and listen closely to my students and peers, and provide parental and school administration feedback.

      I will establish a cooperative learning environment to focus and hold student attention, increase individual involvement in the learning activity and allow students to process new information in a way that relates to their own base of knowledge.

    I will work to empower responsible student behavior by setting appropriate classroom rules, rewarding good behavior and modifying bad behavior.  Above all else, I would strive to be a good role model, exert self-control and provide the appropriate language to help students control their impulses and make constructive choices.

     I will actively seek to foster an inclusive classroom and provide to the maximum extent possible an opportunity to educate students with disabilities, different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and gifted students to their fullest potential.

     My philosophy of education is that by using constructivist learning strategies, available technologies, and empowering responsible student behavior, I could create effective citizens.